I was practicing with a teacher who moved over to 8 Limbs not long after the studio opened. When she moved out of the state shortly thereafter I stayed because the original studio is a great fall season space with the trees at the second floor windows. Over the years I have practiced with a few people trying not to jump around too much because I need a few classes with a teacher before I really started to see where they are coming from and how the practice can teach me.

Early years were very much about the physical practice and what I asana I could achieve. Maybe not the best attitude but attention to strength and alignment has helped me through a few small injuries. Thanks to Melina I even (just once) was able put my legs behind my head in tortoise pose. After taking the teacher training I realized it was about the small adjustments for me. By listening to how my body feels and where I am crunching up I have been able to get deeper in many asanas now where as I could not a few years ago.
This goes to my everyday life too. Listening to all that goes around me at home and work I have seen myself occasionally sorting through the different possibilities presented in a breath or two without jumping on to the one that may move me ahead but at a cost versus what is really a better way to move forward for me and those around me. I know I can make ice cubes, but if it is really that important to my mom that they be made with hot water, I can go back and change all the trays without feeling like cold water ice cubes are a mistake. For this I have Melina, Anne Phyfe, Douglas, Troy, Jenny and Jen to thank.

Posted by: Susan Fore

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