In 1996, I took the Intro Series at 8 Limbs. I remember enjoying it, but it did not stick. 10 years later a voice spoke to me, and told me it was time to try the Intro Series again. I was led this time by Jenny Hayo, and amazingly it stuck. I soon learned there was much more to yoga than just movement. Doshas and Chakras and Sutras, oh my!

One of the first things that resonated for me in my practice I learned from Jenny, it was to be “honest with my practice”. With that information, I soon no longer worried about how my practice compared to my neighbor’s. If I’m falling all over the place, or am unable to get into a particular pose, no biggie.

As I let go into MY asana practice, things began to change for me. There was no need to feel intimidated in a yoga class. As I applied this idea to the rest of my life, I started seeing with new eyes. As I learned more about my body and mind through yoga, I began to wake up to MYSELF.

I have come to love the unfolding of each yoga class I take. Once in a while things will click in magical ways, and you can feel that something unexplainably moving has been shared in class. Some days it’s like it’s all brand new and I’ve never practiced yoga before, and other days I feel like the most bad ass yogi that has ever dropped into Ahdo Mukha Savansana.

With the confidence I have gained from my practice at 8 Limbs, I can show up at any yoga class anywhere and feel comfortable knowing that I have an established practice. As the river of life continues its mysterious flow, and I accept the inevitability of change, I feel beyond blessed to have such an amazing practice as yoga to support me in my quest for growth and self transformation. It truly all is yoga.

Posted by: Rob Nyberg

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