Ten years ago a friend turned me on to yoga at another studio. I got way into the asana practice but the woo-woo factor was a little much for my more practical sensibilities. So I started checking out other studios. Then I found 8 Limbs.

What I found there then is what I continue to find here now – a light-filled soulful space that seems to float over the city, and an inclusive, less dogmatic approach to the non-physical teachings. I immediately felt more comfortable and, because of this, less guarded and more open to instruction.

Since then I’ve developed personal connections to instructors and practitioners alike. Many of the teachers who taught me ten years ago – Douglas, Melina, Jenny, Anne Phyfe – still do today. That consistency and their depth of knowledge has not only helped me evolve my practice but also contributed to my sense of belonging to a community of fellow practitioners. And to a connection to something larger than myself.

Despite my initial skepticism, I have over the years absorbed much of the yogic philosophy, though admittedly I’d be hard pressed to name any of it in Sanskrit. But it comes through: I am more patient, more aware of the present, more mindful of others. In short, I am a better person than I was ten years ago.

For me that’s what the 8 Limbs community is ultimately all about. Through the practice of yoga we find own way, follow our own path and reach a fuller expression of ourselves. Seattle is lucky to have such a community. I know I am.

Congratulations on 15 years of building community in Seattle.

Posted by: Dennis Montgomery

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