Early last year 8 Limbs was approached to produce a yoga DVD with a local company called Topics. Topics wanted to get a Blu-Ray Yoga Set “on the market” and asked us to create four classes to be taught and modeled by 8 Limbs instructors. They auditioned and chose six teachers for the project, Angela Gayle, Chiara Guerrieri, Jay Holby, Dawn Jansen, Anne Phyfe Palmer, and Jen Yaros. The six instructors worked together to offer multi-leveled classes that would welcome a beginner but challenge an experienced practitioner.

The shoot took place at 8 Limbs Phinney Ridge on a set designed by Etta Lilianthal, 8 Limbs student and workstudy extraordinare who is also an acclaimed set designer for local film and theater companies. We had the pleasure of recording voiceovers at Jack Straw Productions and worked with Evolve Hair & Art, Samara Skincare, and Erin Orden to get ready for the HD cameras.

Each class has a main instructor who designed and scripted the flow of the practice. Two other teachers shot the class with them to demonstrate different modifications. Jen teaches a simple but engaging BASIC class to build foundation and increase strength and flexibility with attention to breath and alignment. Chiara offers a class for CORE that shows participants how to utilize yoga postures and practices that stabilize and invigorate  core musculature. Jay offers traditional yoga postures and strength training exercises in a challenging STRENGTH practice. Anne Phyfe’s VINYASA class teaches a steady vigorous flow practice using intelligent sequencing to engage your entire body and your attention. Angela and Dawn shine as the amazing model students.

These HD YOGA sets are now available at your neighborhood 8 Limbs, all four one-hour classes for $24.99. Check out our lovely teachers and let us know what you think!

Posted by: 8 Limbs Yoga Centers

P.S. Blu-Ray format will only work on Blu-Ray and Playstation players! We are hoping that later this year they will also release a standard DVD set.

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