For years we have talked about creating an 8 Limbs Video/DVD to be able to share the 8 Limbs class experience with those of you traveling, practicing at home, or relocated to distant neighborhoods, states, or continents. Finally we are on the way to that reality! In early April a local DVD distribution company Topics Entertainment contacted 8 Limbs to produce a Yoga DVD Box Set for their catalog. In one month we assembled a team of six 8 Limbs instructors who worked together to create and practice four yoga practices: Basics, Vinyasa, Yoga for Core, and Yoga for Strength. The team consisted of Chiara Guerrieri, Jen Yaros, Jay Holby, Dawn Jansen, Angela Gayle, and myself.

The big shoot was last week, Thursday and Friday May 5 & 6 at 8 Limbs Phinney Ridge. After weeks of constant focus on this project it was exhilarating to watch the amazing teachers in action during the shoot, moving in unison with amazing precision and calm.

The following people were instrumental in helping to make sure the shoot looked professional: Etta Lilianthal designed the gorgeous set (with a bench loaned by Dennis Montgomery and Jeff Wildenstein, thanks guys!). Laura Bailey of Samara Skincare helped to get us ready, Erin Orden of Orden Beauty was an artist with our faces, Tova Ramer of Evolve Salon addressed our tresses, and Melissa Lundgaard, the 8 Limbs Boutique Buyer, helped us to track down the right clothing. A big thank you to all!

It will be several months before the DVD set is available in Blu-Ray, and a little longer for regular DVD. We’ll keep you posted!

In the meantime we are also working with My Yoga Online* to offer our classes online. They will unobtrusively film the following classes on Monday, May 16 at 8 Limbs Capitol Hill: 12pm Level II Flow, 4pm Level I, 5:30pm Prenatal and 7:15pm Level II Flow. Filming will focus on the teacher and there will be room in the studio for those who don’t want to be in the filming at all. We’ll let you know when the classes are available online, or check out My Yoga Online, Melina Meza has a few already available.

Posted by: Anne Phyfe Palmer

* Update: the 8 Limbs classes are no longer available on My Yoga Online (which is now owned by Gaia) and the classes filmed for Topics can now be streamed on Amazon!

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