8 Limbs Admin Staff in the Palmer Living Room
8 Limbs Admin Staff in the Palmer Living Room

On March 27th the 8 Limbs Administrative Staff took a one-day Staff Retreat at my home in Madison Valley. We’ve done this the past four years to come together outside of our daily jobs, responsibilities, and offices, and focus on the big picture for 8 Limbs. This group includes the four studio managers, Lauren Kite (Capitol Hill), Jami Mooney (Phinney Ridge), Theresa Spencer (Wedgwood), and Joanna Bond (West Seattle), Operations Manager Megan Costello, Boutique Buyer Melissa Lundsgaard, Communications Manager Samantha Fisher, and myself, the Education Director and Owner. Our retreats are led by our Executive Director, Ashley Dahl, MSW.

Last year we spent the bulk of our time considering how we, as a group and in our individual jobs, could connect to and strengthen the 8 Limbs mission:

“To create a supportive, inclusive, and non-competitive atmosphere in which yoga practitioners can learn and grow.”

Our extensive brainstorm led to 21 action items including:

  1. value time and energy of self and others
  2. model consciousness, awareness & inclusiveness
  3. communicate and execute policy clearly, with consistency and compassion
  4. be open to growth, to finding better ways to do what we do
  5. create avenues for gratitude

We have carried these items through our work this year, which support the two planning goals that have guided us the last two years:

Strengthen the 8 Limbs experience by bringing all the ways in which we do business fully into alignment with our mission and core values.

Position 8 Limbs as a leading example of a profitable business that is also a mindful business, both within the Seattle community and the regional yoga community.

This year we took this a step further to investigate which of the 21 brainstorm items most excited and inspired each of us, and which we thought would most benefit 8 Limbs in 2013. There were stars next to almost all of the 21 items, but the following three were most decorated:

  1. be open to growth, to finding better ways to do what we do
  2. embrace diversity
  3. work as a team

From this we are developing goals for the future to inspire and guide the next two years.

Our closing for the meeting was to write an “I trust you to ________” for each of our co-workers. Each of us walked away with an envelope decorated by Samantha full of positive statements from one another. What a sweet thing it was for all of us to leave the meeting knowing what was most valued about our work to others on the team.

What do you value in your work? What do you contribute to the team of people you work with, if applicable? Yoga, after all, can be brought into all that we do. Join the conversation on the 8 Limbs Facebook page.

Posted by: Anne Phyfe Palmer

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