Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 9.21.03 PMThis is the time of year that brings me back to the very start of 8 Limbs. Seventeen years ago at this time my opening team and I were at the tail end of a LOT of manual labor, renovations, cleaning, and Bimbo’s Burritos (when they were around the block!). 8 Limbs opened on October 13, 1996 in the corner space in our current 8 Limbs Capitol Hill building. It was a one room walk-up, and there were about 20 classes per week taught by teachers like Melina Meza, Dawn Jansen (both still at 8 Limbs!!!), Kat Allen, Pine Crooks, Robin Reich, and Rivers Bricken. I taught the first class, on a Monday at 6:30am. The heater kicked on for the first time, a complete cacophony, the phone rang, and I did my best to hold it together despite it all. It’s been an amazing seventeen years! Through ups and downs, handstands and savasanas, it’s been a wonderful journey! Thanks to all of you who have been a part of our studio.

The picture here is of me teaching my friends Roberta Carlson, Megan Jasper and Eben Carlson in the Carlson family living room on E. Olin Place. Jonna Bracken, who now teaches at 8 Limbs, took the photo, and Eben Sr. often joined us. This was the beginning of 8 Limbs, the place I taught while I dreamed of and worked on opening our first studio. Thanks to these friends, and many others, for their support.

And a very special thank you to those who commit to 8 Limbs with Annual Memberships. You are the mighty and the few, the ones who say, upfront, I AM WITH YOU ALL YEAR! We love our Annual Members and like to give them great benefits like a free 8 Limbs tshirt, ability to freeze their membership for travel or just to take a break, and guest passes to bring friends and family to 8 Limbs. They pay as little as $3 a class (coming every day!), and get awesome variety, experienced teachers, and lots of love from us! Through October 18, during our Annual Membership Drive, Annual Members who make the commitment receive a 15% off all 8 Limbs workshops (including visiting teachers!) for a year plus an 8 Limbs ceramic mug. Call or visit your studio to get set up and receive your benefits and Annual Membership packet. We have some awesome Many Paths Find Yours t-shirts right now…

Thanks again for seventeen amazing years. Hard to believe next year we’ll be an official adult (18)!

Posted by: Anne Phyfe Palmer, Owner

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