I blogged a few weeks ago about M(ay) is for Meditation, the idea for which came from a commitment our Managing Director, Ashley Dahl, made to do 30 days of yoga. We challenged everyone to commit to daily meditation for the month for the month of May, as Ashley had experienced such wonderful benefits (see the glowing smile in this photo!) from sticking with her commitment. Well, tomorrow she hits 60 days of practice and will join me in my Thursday 10am class at 8 Limbs Capitol Hill to complete what ended up being a double commitment. She said that she went to 60 as that is how long it is recommended to create a habit. Ashley enjoyed taking plenty of classes but sprinkled in home practice, yoga nidra (guided relaxation) and meditation to balance her practice.

The interesting thing I noticed is that my blog post actually inspired a few 8 Limbs yoga instructors to recommit to a daily practice, so I am guessing a few of you took the challenge too! We’re not much of the cheerleading type of yoga studio, but we know how great it feels to make that commitment and follow through. So, hey, if you like, want to, you know, sort of, TRY IT!

Posted by: Anne Phyfe Palmer

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