This summer, for me, has been a dance in and out of yoga practice. Some mornings I did it, but some mornings I didn’t. Period. My feet didn’t hit the mat even for a minute.

It wasn’t a time issue. I’ve had the time to practice, especially when on several family vacations – but without the hard stop deadline of my youngest’s bus stop, or the knowledge that the rest of the day would be on a computer – found myself puttering about more often than not, putting it off until later, avoiding my practice room to let my teenager sleep, or rationalizing that I needed to write first (and that often meant write only).

And here’s what happened. The days I didn’t practice, I was more negative. The days I didn’t practice, I was more obsessive. The days I didn’t practice, I felt more alone. I didn’t die, or combust, or fall apart, but the quality of those days was not what I want to live. I found myself feeling unsatisfied and hungry, for chocolate, for salty crunchy things, for summery cocktails, for sips of my husband’s deliciously strong coffee, for new shoes.

So this month, September, I am making myself a new commitment: fifteen minutes of practice a day. Every day. It’s not much – it’s just a minimum, really – but it’s doable.

As we head towards Labor Day, consider how you’d like to transition from summer to fall. What is your baseline commitment? How many classes a week? How many mornings of home practice, minutes of meditation? Can you find a yoga “buddy” or sign up for a workshop with a friend or partner? Is this the year you take Teacher Training?

Below you’ll find a sneak peak to all that 8 Limbs has in store for you this fall. We’ve expanded our drop-in class schedule, added new Series (Kundalini Yoga and Deepening), have several Visiting Teachers (including my yoga teacher Shari Friedrichsen, and the Tibetan Buddhist Tulku Lobsang), and are still accepting applications for ourModular Teacher Training (next TT Info Session Sept 14).

Another thing fall holds for 8 Limbs: a website redesign! We’d love to hear about your experience with our website.  Fill out our Website Redesign Survey by September 10 and be entered to win an 8 Limbs 5 Class Pass, drawing on September 12.

Have a great September!

Posted by: Anne Phyfe Palmer


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