1502_28_Day_Email_BannerA couple of years ago we adopted the tag line Many Paths, Follow Yours.  It’s a simple line. And yet, a line that manages to capture the heart of our mission at 8 Limbs – we appreciate the many ways to practice yoga and hold space for you to discover and explore the path and practice that feels right to you.

As Executive Director at 8 Limbs, it’s not simply my job to make sure the business side of things are running smoothly. It’s also my job to ensure our mission is brought to life throughout all of the different facets that together make 8 Limbs. That’s something that’s been especially top of mind for me lately as we get ready to begin our third 28 Day Commitment program.

It was nearly three years ago when we first started talking about this program in the back offices. We wanted to create an opportunity to really come together as a community in our practice. To explore what our practices are all about. And while there are many examples of yoga “challenges” in existence to draw inspiration from, we knew that wasn’t quite the right fit for 8 Limbs. There was something whispering to us in those early conversations that “challenge” is too limiting a word at 8 Limbs. It was the voice of our mission, of Many Paths, Follow Yours.

It was Many Paths, Follow Yours that informed us to choose the word “Commitment” over “Challenge.” We wanted to hold space for a definition of practice that can readily be experienced as extending beyond asana. While practice can consist of entirely asana classes, or even entirely vigorous asana, we recognize that asana is simply one way to practice yoga. Meditation, Pranayama, Restoratives, Sutra Studies are additional ways to practice. We wanted to create a program that meant practice can take place entirely at a studio as well as at home or in a park, or on the road…Essentially, we wanted the 28 Day Commitment program to be genuinely expansive.  We wanted to allow each 8 Limbs practitioner, within our complex and diverse community, to truly make a commitment of finding and following what practice means to them personally.

I invite you to join us in our second 28 Day Commitment. As you can see, we’re very open to how you define your practice within that commitment. J And we’re not requiring folks to practice all 28 days at 8 Limbs. But what we are doing is offering a supportive opportunity to get to know your practice more intimately, whatever that means to you.

Posted by: Ashley Dahl, MSW, Executive Director of 8 Limbs

To join us, visit your neighborhood 8 Limbs. The 28 Day Commitment is FREE for Annual and Auto-pay Members and $128 for others (we’ll freeze your class pass if you want). It’s basically an enhanced one month membership with special “Committed” bracelet, dedicated Facebook group, daily inspirational emails by 8 Limbs teachers and staff, 20% on all 8 Limbs teacher workshops for the month, boutique discounts, lots of swag, and a chance to win several raffle prizes. You can practice at home or in studio towards your 28 Days so commit today (through the 1st) to be a part of this community commitment. 

Note: This email was reposted from January 2014!

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