December can be a very busy time. Many of us celebrate holidays and the close of the year, and sometimes we give gifts and have lists to get through. And all of this is in addition to the regular fun and games of adulting in a big city!

This year, we at 8 Limbs want to wish you the joy of missing out, or JOMO. It’s the opposite of FOMO, the fear of missing out. Do you really have to go to that party, or bring the kids to see a Santa, or decorate your house to the nines? If you want to do these things, if they bring you joy, then by all means do them! But maybe consider: will this drain you or fill you with energy? Perhaps instead you could practice Yoga Nidra, or take a walk with a friend, or light a few candles and enjoy the early nightfall. Take a deep breath and revel in what makes you feel good.

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Winter is when we need to slow down. The days get short, the vegetables go underground, the trees are bare, and baby, it’s outside! Brahmacharya, the third of the yamas, asks us to consciously conserve our energy so that we might use it wisely, and there’s no better time than winter to apply this yogic wisdom. When we follow the rhythm of the seasons we can burst forth in spring, rested and full.

May your December be filled with light and love!

Posted by: Anne Phyfe Palmer, Founder & Teacher Training Director

P.S. A big THANK YOU to all our students, teachers, and staff who made our Thanksgiving Benefit Classes a roaring success. Together we donated over $2700 to Duwamish Tribal Services to support their mission to provide social, educational, health, and cultural services.
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