Yin Yoga Immersion – Staying Healthy with the Seasons

Yin Yoga is a powerful practice that deepens the mind-body connection. Through muscle relaxation and release of tension, breath awareness and visualizations, Yin Yoga not only inspires the circulation of life force energy (prana) throughout the body but also instills an attitude that allows you to more fully prepare for meditation. It’s a wonderful companion to the active, fitness-focused forms of yoga celebrated in the West today, and one that when added to your repertoire, whether as a practitioner or student, can increase your flexibility, enhance circulation in the body and quiet your mind with longer held accessible postures.

Yin Yoga can be even more transformative if practiced in alignment with the seasons and the energetic qualities that each offers. This approach is at the foundation of Yin Yoga Immersion—Staying Healthy with the Seasons, taught by Melina Meza, a pioneer in the seasonal approach to wellbeing since 2008.

Melina will teach Yin Yoga sequences primed for each of the seasons, as well as share ways to work with the five elements (space, air, fire, earth, water), nutrition strategies, acupressure points and meridians, and yogic philosophy to support well-being throughout the year.

This immersions is perfect for yoga practitioners who want to balance their active practice with a slower meditative style of movement as well as yoga teachers who wish to broaden their offerings and help prepare students for meditation and healthy living.

Yoga Immersion—Staying Healthy with the Seasons Learning Objectives:

  • Teaching Yin Yoga – How and Why
  • Yin poses and Modifications
  • Yin Anatomy, Organs and Meridians
  • Seasonal Nutrition
  • Intro to Taoism, 8 Limbs of Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation
  • Subtle body training and Pranayama
  • Art of Teaching: Sequencing classes, themes, and daily rhythms

Yoga Teachers: By completing this training, you will receive 20 hours of continuing education credits.

PHINNEY RIDGE with Melina Meza



9:00-10:30am Opening Circle + Intro to Philosophy and Yin Yoga

10:45am-12:00pm Teaching Yin Yoga – How and Why

12:00-12:45pm Lunch

12:45-2:45pm Spring/Summer Yin Poses and Modifications

3:00-4:15pm Yin Yoga for Spring


9:00-11:00am Seasonal Health – Spring/Spring Practices

11:15am-12:30pm Yin Anatomy, Organs and Meridians

12:30-1:15pm Lunch

1:15-3:15pm Fall/Winter Yin Poses and Modifications

3:15-4:15pm 8 Limbs and Mindfulness Meditation

4:30-6:00pm Yin Practice for Summer


9:00-11:00am Seasonal Health – Autumn/Winter Practices

11:15-12:30pm Art of Teaching: Sequencing classes, themes, and daily rhythms

12:30-1:15pm Lunch

1:15-3:00pm Yin and Pranayama

3:15-4:30pm Q & A and Closing Circle


Cost: $380 through February 1, $420 after


Email melina@8limbsyoga.com with any questions about this Immersion.

Cancellation Policy: Refunds of 90% up to five days prior to workshop. No refunds allowable after that time.