Experience a musically immersive experience with the Trap Vinyasa™ 4 Class Series! Laced with trap music, a heavy beat-based genre of rap originating from the South, Trap Vinyasa™ is a series of high-energy yoga fitness class combining dynamic asana with sensual dance, boxing, HIIT and more! Designed to help you release body-dysmorphia while discovering self-acceptance, this series features 4 signature classes that build upon one another and provide a platform that empowers you to rewrite the story you’ve been told about your body.

Class I: Introductory Sequence© – October 12, 2018

The Trap Vinyasa™ Class I introductory sequence features yoga asana, dance and basic boxing techniques. The foundational series of the Trap Vinyasa™ collection, Series I is ideal for those new to the practice and offers a safe base to build upon.

Class II: Surya Core© – November 9, 2018

The Sanskrit word Surya means sun and Class II of the Trap Vinyasa™ collection is all about accessing the sun or heat of the belly through dynamic breath work, core exercises, yoga and dance. The core houses the 3rd chakra, located between the solar plexus and the navel, and known as Manipura or the jewel in the city, it’s here that our expression of will, personal power and identity are held. As a result, in order to access our confidence and self worth we need to learn to activate and balance the 3rd chakra.

Class III: Bhakti Kickboxing© – December 14, 2018

Kickboxing blends martial arts with boxing to create a spirited cardiovascular workout. Class III utilizes kickboxing basics, yoga and dance to create a high-powered yoga fitness class. Empowerment is key here as we reinforce our presence and honor how we take up space as living souls having human experiences. More specifically, Class III is a devotional class, giving honor to the sovereign Spirit within.

Class IV: Hatha + HIIT© – January 11, 2019

HIIT or high intensity interval training mixes short, high-intensity exercises with slower, recovery movements to increase the body’s metabolic rate and optimize its fat burning abilities. The most vigorous of the Trap Vinyasa™ collection, Class IV calls you up physically and emotionally to a higher state of self-acceptance. Hatha-based yoga asana offers moments of rest in each pose and complement the HIIT movements. These periods are woven into the class and act as recovery periods, mimicking the ebb and flow of life.

Trap Vinyasa takes place on the 2nd Friday of the month. Please save the date: Jan. 11, 2019.

WEST SEATTLE, with Abiola Akanni

Friday, December 14, 2018, 7:15 – 8:45PM

Cost: $35



Cancelation Policy: Refunds of 90% up to five days prior to workshop. No refunds allowable after that time.