Part asana, part lecture, the Divine Feminine Yoga Workshop is designed to help individuals elevate their self-identification beyond seemingly dualistic, 3rd dimensional aspects of their mind and body. We do this by teaching students how to physically embody and emotionally connect with each archetype of the divine feminine. During the physical asana practice participants are guided through the chakras as they relate and align with each archetype. This touch-infused yoga sequence will awaken your awareness to the presence of these divine feminine archetypes within you and ultimately increase your understanding of and identification with the greater principles of Spirit.

We’ll briefly explore the history of the divine feminine and our personal relationship to it or lack thereof, in the modern world. Journaling is encouraged throughout the workshop in order to document what comes up during the practice for further exploration and healing, so bring a pen and paper!

This workshop is for those who have the desire to know and love themselves beyond their human experience, including societal norms, feminist teachings, patriarchal system, systems of privilege and oppression and so forth. It is for those who want to connect with their bodies beyond trauma and victimization. This series is for individuals who are ready to identify with their beings as living souls having a human experience in order to access their evolved presence.

If you identified with any of the aforementioned statements, welcome. I’m stoked to have you!

WEST SEATTLE, with Abiola Akanni

Saturday, February 17, 12:15 – 3:15PM

Cost: $65 through Monday 2/12; $80 after


Cancellation Policy:  Refunds of 90% up to five days prior to workshop. No refunds allowable after that time.


About Abiola:
 A leader in the community and field of yoga, Abiola Akanni has succeeded at cultivating inclusive, culturally relevant and holistic wellness spaces that encourage various fitness levels, genders and ethnicities to develop their personal yoga practice. The Nigerian-American, 200hr RYT certified yoga instructor is the founder of Yoga by Biola and the force behind the body-positive fitness movement, Trap Vinyasa™. In addition to coveted features on King 5 News and The Seattle Times, Akanni is on the cutting edge of the global yoga scene, presenting her workshops at major festivals and conferences throughout the west coast and beyond, including the NW Yoga Conference. Her “Be Liberated” and “Body Positive” mission create non-judgmental spaces for healing and spiritual awakening while motivational speaking and an advanced, yet unique, teaching style offer physical and emotional introspection. The self-love activist is also the creator of The Divine Feminine Yoga Workshop and The BE Liberated Retreat, designed to help individuals embrace each archetype of the divine feminine while liberating their conscience from dualistic, 3rd dimensional thinking. Abiola’s liberating offerings and soulful teachings continue to redefine the yoga arena as we know it while influencing many to walk out their dharma in grace and truth.